Joule Jotter

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Joule Jotter is an IOT based smart energy meter for pluggable loads. It measures and monitors the critical electrical parameters like, Vrms, Irms, Power and Power Factor of an appliance connected to it. These parameters are stored locally (on an SD Card present on the module) and on the cloud(server hosted at the department). The hardware includes current and voltage sensors, a wifi IC, microcontroller and a SD Card slot. The sampling rate at which the data is collected is 20 seconds.
The module can be configured using an Android App. The necessary details provided during configuration enables the Joule Jotter to transmit and store the data on the cloud with the exact notion of time and the specific device name connected to it.
The Joule Jotter can be configured in two ways:
i) Default mode: A predefined hotspot is considered to upload the data using the internet connectivity available on the phone. The only detail to be entered during configuration is the name of the Device connected to the Joule Jotter.
ii) Scan mode: The JJ scans for the Wifi Access Points in the locality and connects to it to upload all the data to the server when  provided with the security key. The necessary details to be entered are Device Name and Wifi Password.
Once the Joule Jotter is configured, the Android device receives an acknowledgement confirming the configuration details.
This prototype can run additional algorithms supported with electro mechanical actuators for better energy utility.
The monitored data can be viewed on the web page which displays the Joule Jotter database. The link to the website is given below:

Analytics are carried out with the text files obtained from the database. An excel sheet provided in the link “Joule Jotter Analytics” on the web page helps us analyse the data with the power and current plots.

People: Tejas Pande , Abhirami Sampath , M. Zuhaib Ahmed.