Passenger Service System

The proposed system is a wireless switch for passengers to avail on-flight services such as calling light and reading light. Each passenger seat will be configured by an authentic configurator. This system is embedded on the passenger seat and configuration is accomplished with a device such as a NFC enabled android phone.When passenger presses the switch, energy harvested by the switching action of passenger is used to power up the electronics and send a communication packet (Bluetooth low Energy) to the flight attendants’ application.

Operation :-
Configuration Mode :- The maintenance engineer configures(securely) the module to a seat number of the flight using NFC.

Flight Mode :- Passenger is using the module to switch ON reading light or calling light of the seat which is communicated to an android application of flight attendants’ smart phone through BLE(Bluetooth low Energy).
Android application used by flight attendent:

People : Shahid Ali, Madhusudan Koppal, Madhuri.M.B, Zuhaib.M.Ahmed