Research Areas

Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting entities capture small amounts of energy over a long time from several sources such as Solar, Temperature differential, Vibration, RF power, Wind etc. Energy can be made to work twice (reuse) by scavenging waste heat generated by industrial plants and vibrations arising from machinery. Temperature differentials created in automobiles, aircraft’s, and homes are also good energy scavenging sources. Human actions such as walking, lifting, and pressing are sources for conversion into electricity. For example, energy harvesting is possible with simple mechanical actions when we press electrical switches to turn on (or turn off) electrical devices.

Tactile Internet

Tactile Internet enables accessibility of moving virtual objects at real time interaction speed. This technology permits haptic communication and allows human-to-machine and machine-to-machine interaction at the speed of light. Tactile Internet will enable remote monitoring, surgery and provides the medium of touch sense. To illustrate, moving our heads while wearing Virtual Reality Goggles and expecting an immediate response from the visual display. Tactile Internet has wide range of applications such as remote driving, remote servicing, and assembling of machine parts.

Communication Networks

In Zen lab, we work on a wide range of research areas within Communication etc. The emphasis is on designing ultra low power systems and algorithms, which primarily are battery less and or use harvested energy. Some of the problems being worked upon are Throughput Maximization, establishing secure communication as well as setting up a low power wake-up system for sensor networks.